Welcome to the Pyrodigital® Family

Pyrodigital® is a high-professional firing system known for its excellent performance in sports shows, rock concerts, indoor shows and aerial firework displays in the last three decades. With new fully backwards compatible equipment and a young ambitious team Pyrodigital® is ready to support you and your show.

enhanced firing with the new pyrodigital® system:

Firing 90 electric matches all at once after 1000 ft. network cable

firing performance comparison:

The new FC-A Field Controller vs. the old FC-3 Field Controller

get the popcorn ready and sit back:

FC-A Video Tutorial Series

Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH

Steinwerkstraße 2 · 71139 Ehningen (Stuttgart) · Germany

Phone: +49 (0)7034 - 2578 0 · E-Mail: pd@pyrodigital.com



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