New Features available in the FC-A Field Controller

  • 5 Independent Network Outputs for more Redundancy, each Output with Individual Thermal Breaker and Electronic Monitoring Circuit


  • Each Network Output Driver is powerful enough to drive a full 128 Module Network


  • Automated Optimization of Rapid Zipper Firing - up to 5 times faster than the original “Legacy” FC-3 Field Controller:


  • Integrated Booster provides more Firing Power and Network Range


  • 4 Script Tables with 2500 lines each


  • New Subscript Mode: Each Script Table can be separated into 16 smaller Tables in Auto Fire (Usage Controlled by Group Caliber Buttons). Up to 4 x 16 = 64 Subscripts


  • Integrated Timecode Modem to synchronize Show Director


  • Advanced Timecode Synchronization - No Dropped Frames with any SMPTE format


  • Time Code Offset available for all SMPTE formats Code in hh:mm:ss


  • Actively refreshed Timecode Output Signal for all Time Code Formats


  • Hazard Lockout Presets: This Safety Feature allows you to set up individual Activation Presets for the Hazard Lockouts in Auto Fire Mode


  • Color Illuminated Caliber Groups / Hazzard Lockouts


  • Full-color adjustable illuminated Keyboard


  • Battery Status Indicator – highly accurate with temperature compensation


  • 3 Position Arming Key: Check--Off—Fire


  • Mini-USB replaces the Serial Port Programmer Cable


  • Tactile Keys for a distinct and accurate button click


  • Waterproof Housing


  • Loop Through Option for the Deadman Pickle to the next Field Controller


  • 00X-Suppression: This Safety Feature locks out all Fire Commands to Module Address 00 carried over from Scripting Notes


  • Option to deactivate the Buzzer for silent Scenes on stage (Only accessible using Password and only until reboot)


  • Included Worldwide Battery Charger


  • Full Time Worldwide Power Supply available – Connect to External Input

Included Accessories

This video presents  all included accessories of the FC-A Field Controller.

Accessories gallery:


Product Overview

Operating Instructions

The new Pyrodigital® FC-A Field

Controller is designed for

This video tour gives you an overview off the new features of the FC-A Field Controller:

high reliability

full backwards compatibility

ease of operation

The new black design catches up with the layout of the old FC-3 Field Controller and allows your operators to work with the new FC-A straight away. The housing is waterproof and the keyboard LED illuminated. Needless to say, the new FC-A drives all existing FM versions.

By providing five separated Pyrodigital® network drivers, the FC-A Field Controller provides redundancy for your fireworks display. The five network drivers allow you to split your network into five separate networks. So, there is no need to run several FC in parallel to back-up your shows anymore. The novel integrated Booster Technology  enhances the firing power and prolongs the network range in your Pyrodigital® network. Check out the video below to see the enhanced firing with the new FC-A Field Controller.

See here more videos that demonstrate the enhanced firing power of the new FC-A Field Controller.


The bright LED illumination allows you to keep the overview of the situation, also in dark environments. Of course, you can adjust the brightness and configure the illumination for our needs.


Download scripts from Show Director via USB and store them in one of the 4 script tables with 2500 script lines each. Use the new Subscript Mode to subdivide your scripts to up to 64 subscripts.


The novel integrated Timecode Module enhances the use of SMPTE timecode. As you had to be aware of the SMPTE format in use for the old FC-3, the new FC-A converts any incoming timecode to an internal format. So, you can conveniently program your show and you do not have to care about the timecode used on the firing site or stage.


The new FC-A also allows you to synchronize Show Director to the incoming timecode. To do this, the FC-A directly functions as timecode modem for SMPTE and PD-FSK and therewith integrates this former additional equipment. Simply connect the FC-A to your PC via USB to do so.


Sit back and watch the show: Chris and Marcel guide you and your technicians through our new video tutorial series to learn all features of the FC-A Field Controller:


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