The new FM-A Firing Module brings back the Reliability of the FM-3 and even exceed its Performance.

Enhanced firing power thanks to an integrated energy buffer

Integrated 3-way network splitter

High-quality components

Fully casted electronics to protect from moisture and sulfur

2 years warranty

Enhanced safety during check-status by intelligent context interpretation of network messages

Included flame-retardant Velcro cover

Enhanced mounting options including safety cable notches

Enhanced differential communication for more security

Easy warehousing with S/N barcode

Thanks to an additional build-in energy buffer the FM-A has enhanced firing capabilities in large networks and for rapid firing. The completely redesigned electronics are equipped with latest state-of-the-art technology.  It showed excellent firing reliability and is compatible with existing Pyrodigital® equipment.



Product Overview

Product Information

Operating Instructions

In this video Chris gives you an overview of all new FM-A features:

See how to operate the FM-A Firing Module:

In this test at the PD lab Pavlos Nanos points out the enhanced firing power of the FM-A Firing Modules:

The features of the new FM-A Firing Module

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