Rapid Firing Demo

EDIT Mode - Overview

Booster Technology

Manual Fire Overview

Auto Fire Overview

Timecode forwarding

Advanced Controller Mode - Theory

Subscript Feature

Marcos & Zipper Fires - Theory

Remote Link Cable

Timecode Integrity Check

Timecode Tape Clock Mode

Product Overview FC-A

Product Overview FM-A

Rapid Zipper Firing Demo

EDIT Mode - View Mode

Illumination Modes

Direct Firing

Internal Run

Integrated Timecode Modem

Set up the Assigment Table

Marcos & Zipper Fires - Scripting & Demo

Output Monitoring Indicators

How to do Status Checks

SMPTE Offset

Included Accessories

How to work with the FM-A

90 electric matches on one cue

LOAD Script Tables

Battery Status  Indicat

Sequential Firing

FSK Slave

Internal Run with FSK Master Out

Rapid Zipper Fire Demo

00X Suppression

Tutorial Welcome Video

Parallel Firing Demo

SELECT Script Tables

External Power Supply

Caliber Group Firing


Hazard Lockouts and Presets

Split to 4 lines plus backup line

Factory Reset, Password Protection & Buzzer Off

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